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Wordfoto iPhone/iPad App Review


Feb 11th 2012 at 01:29pm by Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz is a freelance writer and tech enthusaist. You can follow him on Twitter.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? There are a plethora of photography apps across all devices that all make our mobile devices the go-to option when taking pictures. With so many apps offering photo-editing and enhancing options without having to upload your photos to a computer, it’s easy become immersed in the world of amateur photography using only your mobile device.


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With sites like Instagram and Facebook encouraging the sharing of one’s pictures, people have become more aware of the recognition and following that an exceptional picture can garner. With Wordfoto, you can take any picture of your choice and instantly turn it into an eye-catching work of art.


Add A Thousand Words.


Wordfoto is a simple and easy to follow app that allows the user to take a picture and add words that blend in naturally with the pictures color and shape. There are four options, Crop, Words, Style, and Finetune. Crop is your standard cropping tool that lets you resize and edit a picture to your liking. The Words option lets you type in your own words and phrases that you would like to see in the picture.


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You can also choose from different pre-made word sets that are already in the app to give you a feel for different words. You can also choose to randomly select words by pressing a die icon which fills in the space with a random word if you can’t think of any at the moment. The Style option let’s to choose from eight unique preset styles that transform the words you wrote or chose into a beautiful typographic work of art.


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There’s also the option of creating your own custom style if the preset choices weren’t enough. When creating your own style, you have the freedom to adjust the brightness, contrasts, and font of your choosing, giving you more control over your creation. The Finetune option lets you get more in-depth in the editing process of a picture. You are given control over the saturation, brightness, contrast, padding, edges, and shadow settings down to a specific number adjustment of your choice. Any objects in the background and foreground of your picture are allowed to be customized and re-rendered to your liking. 

iPhone/iPad App Review: WordFoto | GiveMeApps
Transform Your Art With WordFoto


With so many ways to customize and create, Wordfoto is a must have app for any photography enthusiast. You can either take a brand-new picture or upload one from your library.


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The app allows you to save the original and edited copies to your mobile device and share them via email or Facebook directly from the app itself. You can purchase this unique app for just $1.99 from the Apple Appstore for those of you with Apple devices. For more information about Wordfoto, click here and start creating works of art today!


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