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Verso iPhone/iPad App Review


Nov 3rd 2014 at 10:35am by GiveMeApps

Every day a new Social Network appears, but very few stay and are worth talking about. Social Networks that contain photo editing options like Instagram have become big hits but leave a lot to be desired. How about precise editing like in Photoshop? How about the ability to get your photo seen by millions? What about messaging specific users, adding text to photos or stickers? On the existing networks, one would have to download a multitude of apps to meet all of those purposes. This is not the case in Verso. Verso takes a bunch of facilities and puts them in one network allowing you a chance to shine brighter.

What Is Verso?

We describe Verso as being Instagram on Steroids. After creating an account, and accounts can be create separately, you can then edit your profile information. You can set up custom locations, add a status/tag line and set your birth date and gender. From there you can upload a profile pic and start uploading pics to your account. Once you have pics on your newsfeed, by way of spending Verso Credits, you can place pics on the Verso Stand. Consider this to be similar to the discover section of Instagram, but Verso gives you more control. Spend a few credits and you can place your image on this stand for a specified amount of time, allowing you to have millions view your profile. This goes beyond pay to play. It allows you a chance, something that only luck would provide on other networks. That time on the stand can get you likes and other opportunities. Well done.

The main screen displays new photos, featured photos, nearby users a discover section, top liked photos, top commented photos, top verso stand photos, top verso stand users, recently active users and jet sets, allowing you far more ways to connect with users than on other networks. By tapping on the main menu on the top left side of the screen (same method used to access Verso Stand), you can also send messages to users, and check your notifications. Sending messages is as simple as typing the name of the user you wish to send a message to, or just clicking on one of the available users. From there, you can send stickers and text. Messages are saved in your message list. Settings will allow you to change your profile info.

The Fun

The fun begins with the photo editing features. Where other networks let you add simple filters, Verso gives you a choice of filters, but it doesn’t stop there. You can change the weight of filters via settings. You can control parameters such as cotrast, brightness and color. After this, you can add effects such as Posterize and Pixelate and change the weight of each effect. From there you can add Blur and Focus, rotate photos, draw on them with brushes of different weights and colors, add stickers and add text. The fun still doesn’t stop. You can also change the overall shape of your photo. Photos can be in the shape of stars, circles, soccer balls and even have frames around them. Most of these shapes are free, others require purchases.


Verso hits the spot in many places. Its everything you wished other networks could be. As we all know users demand more and more and taste changes over time. If there were a social network that was up to date, then this would be it. There is very little more that you could ask for, at least for now. The app is free, adds editing features that were previously found only in high cost photo editing applications and allows you to connect with users in ways that previously would require a lot of work. You owe it to yourself to give Verso a try. You won’t be disappointed.