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Slingo Supreme iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 16th 2012 at 08:32am by Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilio is a freelance blogger and tech enthusiast

Super Slingo is an addicting game for gamblers away from the casino, and everyone in between who is just looking for a little fun! Available for .99 cents on the iPhone, Slingo is a slot machine game that allows the user to spin to win money for matches. There are two different versions within the app making this paid app all the more worth it.


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Upon entering the application, the user is prompted to choose Slingo Classic or Slingo Supreme. The only difference between the two games is that the supreme version allows the user to select the power-ups they get. I will be focusing on the Classic version of the game in this review. Upon entering the game screen, users see what looks similar to a bingo board with numbers 5 across and 5 down forming a box, 25 numbers in total.


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The user is promoted to ‘spin’ and numbers appear across the bottom of the screen aligning under each column. When a number spun matches a number in the column directly above, the numbered tile becomes a star. 5 stars across or 5 stars down grants the users ‘Slingo’ and a point value which is added into their bank.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Slingo Supreme | GiveMeApps

Slingo Supreme Is Like Bingo Meets The Casino!


There are a few other icons that may appear when the user spins, other than numbers. There is a joker’s faces that allow the user to ‘star’ any number in the above column, not requiring a numerical match. A devil icon might appear, in which case he will steal money from your bank and allow for now matches in that column on that particular spin. Keep in mind, you begin the game with money in your bank and continue to gain cash by making ‘Slingo’ matches across the board.


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You may find yourself out of cash and with an incomplete board of matches. In this case, you begin to pay for your spins until you run out of money. The object of the game of course is to end with a completely ‘starred’ board and cash in the bank!


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