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Perfect Poker Android App Review


Aug 3rd 2014 at 07:12pm by GiveMeApps

If you are a poker aficionado, can play the game all day, but don’t wish to spend your own hard earned money while playing; If you want access to unlimited chips and money to put up while playing without breaking a sweat; If you want to be able to play poker all day and have a chance to flex your card playing muscle against millions, then Perfect Poker is an app you need to check out. The Android app features real time poker playing in a true casino setting with multiple tables in which anyone can sit down and throw out their best hand.

Poker Face

Perfect Poker gives you the option to log in through Facebook or to play as a guest. Playing through Facebook allows you to send notifications and challenge your own friends, while playing as a guest may be a better option for those who don’t want another app linked through their social media profile. In either scenario, you are asked to choose a location, Las Vegas, London or Monte Carlo. Following this, you are required to create a username and select an avatar. Once your profile is set, the game starts. You have the option of playing straight away, visiting the main lobby to view important stats or get chips via in app purchases. It should be pointed out that prior to starting, you are given 20 Quadrillion dollars to start with (yes you read that correctly).

Tapping on the Main Lobby lets you view all of the rooms available. Stats show rooms, stakes, the number of players involved, Buy In and the fee. From here you can hide empty and full tables, join tables or play straightaway. Some rooms host tournaments, some are private and others are VIP.

Playing The Game

Once everything is setup and you start a game, you end up in a realistic casino poker table environment. You literally see players seated around a table. Cards are dealt and the game begins, You can see hands thrown down by other players and when its your turn to make a move, you have the option to fold, get chips, raise, check, check/fold or call any. You can view hand history to track other player’s moves, stand up and even chat with people. Nine players max can sit at any table. Since the game runs twenty four hours, Facebook connectivity is present and 400,000 players exist on the network, there is always something to do. If you are a poker addict, you can literally keep yourself busy all day.


With a huge existing network of players available, realistic graphics, settings and game play, plus an overabundance of faux money to start with, Perfect Poker is about as close to perfect as you can get. The game is always running and even in the event of creating new rooms, they all get filled pretty quickly. If you are a poker addict and don’t want to go broke in the process, then this install is for you.