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Jog Log iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 6th 2012 at 05:07am by Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilio is a freelance blogger and tech enthusiast

Jog Log is the ultimate app for the runner or walker at heart. Available for the iPhone and iPad, it allows fitness fanatics to get their run on, and in the most well informed way. The home screen is where your ‘Jog Log’ lives showing the time of your workout, distance, calories, and even elevation. It also includes the title and type of your workout (i.e. running versus walking) and GPS signal.


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One of the unique aspects of Jog Log is that it works off of GPS, if you allow your location services to be accessed, in order to gather the majority of its data. Once it recognizes your location, it provides the destination of your workout, as well as a general landscape of characteristics in your area. Depending upon signal strength, all of the data can be provided but if you are hiking in the woods for example, the app may not be able to perform all of the task that it normally would.


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Jog Log Is GPS Enabled Giving You Lots Of Info On Your Runs


My favorite feature on this app is the workout creator. You can customize an unlimited amount of workouts with detailed information. Each workout created is comprised of intervals, such as warm up, jogging, running, walking, and cool down. Once those are set, the runner provides a time or distance for each along with custom music playlists that can be tailored to each interval. Once the workout is created, the settings feature allows the user to add cues.


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Cues can be in the form of a beep, music, or a female’s voice. Cues can be set at any interval, or at specific time slots and mile marker points. Once a cue is activated, the music is slightly dimmed so the runner can hear the alert, and then the music is automatically adjusted back to its original volume. From marathon runner to leisure walker, this app is the perfect companion for any fitness plan!


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