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Fooducate iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 23rd 2012 at 10:32am by Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz is a freelance writer and tech enthusaist. You can follow him on Twitter.

When it comes to food many Americans aren’t really clear on what they and their families are consuming on a daily basis. With eating healthier becoming a ever growing trend among American families, knowing what’s good for you and what is not can make a huge difference.


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Mobile devices, with their ease of access and multitude of apps, are helping govern more than just our text messages and emails, now people can eat and live healthier because of their phone. Fooducate, is one those apps that will easily become an indispensable tool when deciding what your family should eat.


Eat Healthier, Understand Labels and Nutrition Facts.

Ever wondered what that hard-to-pronounce food ingredient really is? Or, what those daily percentage numbers actually mean? With Fooducate, any and all questions about your favorite foods are answered clearly in a detailed and easy to understand format. You start by taking a picture of an item barcode or manually typing in the barcode number. Once the app recognizes the scanned item, a list of the items highlights whether good or bad are displayed clearly.


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From there you can compare items and search for alternatives of equal or better nutritional quality. The item is given a grade ranging from A (meaning excellent health benefits) to a D (meaning a unhealthy, questionable item). After that the Calories per serving are displayed followed by information that might or might not surprise certain users. You get a simple yet detailed list of all the products good and bad qualities.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Fooducate | GiveMeApps


Fooducate Helps You Learn What's In Your Food!


For example, you scan a can of corn, you get the overall grade for the product, followed by the calories and then information such as how products in plastic containers or cans contain BPA(Bisphenol-A), a substance that can be harmful even in small doses. Some of the information you’ll find out can change your mind about some of your favorite foods. The app goes as far as to suggest ways to avoid BPA in future purchases. It’s a app that can only benefit you. You’ll find your scanning every food item in your home once you realize the information that manufactures don’t want you to know are in them.


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The app gives you the option of creating an account in order to give your very own contributions to the apps database of items. If an item doesn’t appear after you scan it you have the option of adding it to the app. There is a free version and a $3.99 ad-free version. The app is available for Apple and Android devices. For more information, visit Fooducates site here. Give it a try today experience all of its benefits today!


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