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Healee iPhone/iPad App Review


Jun 8th 2014 at 11:48am by Harold Everton

Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

Few people know what is in their health records, and when they visit their health professionals, they still have little clue other than whatever ailment they perceive to have at that time. Many dentists will display a patient’s health record during assessments, but like Doctor’s visits, a patient is still in the dark.


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What if you could be the one that could track your health over time and share that with your health care professionals?  Healee will let you do just that. While Self-Diagnosis is no replacement of proper assessment from a licensed Health Professional, Healee will help you prepare a significant amount of data which could be crucial to the success of a trip to the Doctor’s office.  

Healee allows you to enter in conditions, check symptoms by way of a huge database, track your symptoms over time, set up a “treatment plan” based on input from your Health Care Professional, and share that information with other professionals or store/access the info across multiple devices for your convenience. Of most interest to us from the outset was the Symptom Checker and Sharing ability, which is touted heavily in their app listing.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Healee | GiveMeApps

Healee Provides Graphs For Tracking Symptoms Over Time


When you load up the app, several icons are displayed along the bottom of the screen. These include “Condition”, “Treatment”, “History”, “Reports” and “Profile”. You will want to set up Profile first. Like a Social Media profile, you are asked to enter in information about yourself. From here, you may link your account to an email. This is required for being able to share data between devices or on You also enter in Vital signs here such as Pulse Rate, Body Temperature, Weight, Height, BMI, Eye/Hair Color and other information.


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The first point of entry will be the condition area. Here you can add a “Condition” which is what you assume yourself to have. You could also just bring your device with you to your Health Care Professional and enter the same info when they diagnose you. If you prefer the first way, adding a condition is as simple as pressing the “+” icon on the top right of the display. From there, you can search for different conditions. All conditions are indexed. While searching, you can get more information about every condition present in the database by tapping on “Get Condition Info”. We selected “Acute Nasopharyngitis” (Common Cold”) and was delighted to view the wealth of information about it; symptoms, recommendations and links to even more information. Once you decide this is what you want to add, clicking “done” will add it to the list of conditions.


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You can add treatments, and these would be what your Health Care Professional recommends. Treatments are linked to conditions. You can add the type of Medicine prescribed, Date information, how often you are required to take the treatment, and look up information about the medicine chosen. Entering the type of Medicine brings up another indexed menu with many choices. As we typed in Aspirin, close to a dozen types of Aspirin were displayed along with their brand name, dosages and appearance. Once set, you can then view information about the medicine. Like the Symptom Checker, this gives you lots of information. You will get everything from a medicine’s active ingredient to allergy alerts, directions and other relevant info. When your treatment is set, it ends up in a list of treatments on the treatment screen.


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History shows you chronologically what ailments you had by date and time. “Reports” allows you to run reports with all of your conditions and treatments. If you had several symptoms in one day for example, the information in such a report would be useful for proper diagnosis and to track future progress.


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For the price of FREE, Healee has a lot of features. The app has the potential to be a very useful tool to link the patient to the professional. Add the fact that you can access entered information from any of your devices so long as your account is linked to email and the appeal of the app goes up exponentially. Every plus has a minus however. We would like to see the developer include a well written tutorial so the user can know how to navigate and use the app to its fullest potential. Healee is feature packed, so it would be nice to have all of those features laid out in a How-To so those who aren’t as computer/device literate have a chance to unlock the true power of this application.


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