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Yo! Darling iPhone/iPad App Review


Oct 11th 2013 at 01:20am by GiveMeApps

Online Dating is here to stay. Since its inception in the late 1990s, it has become ubiquitous and the way of things for many people. Despite it being done to death by many websites and organizations, every time a new one pops up, it is just as exciting as the many before it. Why do you ask? Well, people are always looking for exciting new ways to meet people! Yo! Darling for iOS enters an arena that is always welcoming. We will take it to task and determine whether or not it satisfies its target audience.

Find Your Date

Signing up is simple. Like any other dating website, enter your email, choose a user name and you’re off. Once you click the link in your activation email, you’re ready to start building your profile.

Profile layout and account management is surprisingly simple and intuitive. Every major feature is located on a tab, with the main tab of course being your profile. Profile building is easy. Upload a pic from your existing photo library, or even use the app to take a pic. Save and you’re done. You can enter your attributes such as , Age, Height, Weight, Body Type, Eye Color and Job. You can further elaborate on yourself by editing settings for Smoker, Alcohol, whether you have Children or not and if you are an Animal lover.

Once your profile is set up, you can of course browse profiles within any radius. Browsing through profiles is as simple as swiping your screen to the left. Once you find someone who captures your interest, you can send a “Yo! Darling” to initiate a chat. If they like you back, they will do the same and you can chat. The amazing part of the app is that unlike others on the market, chatting is free. There are free dating websites that allow for messaging, and chat, but they are certainly in the minority. The added simplicity of profile browsing just makes the app more fun to use.

If you are lucky enough to get “Yo! Darlinged”, then you will enjoy having the “My Darlings” tab, which will allow you to browse through those who sent you the flirt.

Other Tabs

General account settings such as Support, FAQ, Privacy and Account Deletion can be accessed from the Settings tab. The premium tab gives way to the ability to sign up for a premium account. For just $2.99/mo, you can enjoy your profile being displayed first and having no limitations on how many darlings you can set per day.

Want A Darling?

Yo! Darling has a lot of potential to turn into a great service. The app is simple, chatting is free, premium services are available, and finding singles in your area is straight forward. We’d like to see more options in the profile area to further describe users, but the meat and potatoes are all there. Dating couldn’t be made any easier. This free app is cool, slick and will surely satisfy singles in pursuit.