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Votech White Case MacBook Pro Review


Apr 17th 2016 at 12:09am by GiveMeApps

One of the key perks of owning a MacBook is the the sheer number of accessories available for it. Whether you're talking about cases, keyboard overlays, skins or port dust plugs, you can find just about everything in almost every color imaginable. We did manage to find the one exception however, a white case.


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How is it possible that white, one of the most popular color, and the color of most Apple products is seemingly missing from every case manufacturer's product line? This hasn't always been the case (no pun intended). There are plenty of white cases available for MacBook, it just so happens that the ones on the market were made for 2012 and earlier models. Bummer.


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We spent months looking for a plain white case. Over that time, we ordered several cases purported to be white, but they were in fact "clear frost" cases. These cases give the MacBook the illusion that they are covered in a hazy ice which is trendy, but not what we were looking for.


MacBook Pro Review: Votech White Case | GiveMeApps

At This Time, Only Votech Makes White Cases For The 15" MacBook


After spending months on Amazon, I came across a listing which said "Votech Rubberized Case for MacBook Pro Ratina Display". Yes, you read that right. "Retina" was misspelled. Close inspection of the pictures lead me to believe that this actually was a white case. I contacted the seller to which they confirmed my suspicion. I reluctantly ordered the case with the expectation that I was going to receive yet another clear frost case.


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I stood corrected once I opened up the UPS package days later. I did receive an actual white case. Not only was I pleased with the color, but the weight and material. Unlike the other cases I ordered (and we ordered from several prominent manufacturers), these were almost weightless, thin and very sturdy. I liked the case so much that I ordered it in white and black. 


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This case is highly recommended. You won't be disappointed. The only complaint we have is that the black one is prone to fingerprints. Nothing a fine cloth won't fix. The colors available from Votech are more rich and professional looking with pastels (which seem to be available everywhere) absent from their lineup. Check out our video review below!


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