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urFonts iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 18th 2014 at 12:43pm by GiveMeApps

So you are working on a creative project and are ready to put on the finishing touches. Your work is masterpiece and all it is missing is a quote or title in the perfect font. You have literally hundreds of fonts stored on your computer and you still cannot find the right one. What if you could create your own fonts with ease? urFonts for the iPad comes to the rescue. There simply could not be an easier to use program to create your own fonts from scratch.

Easy As 1-2-3

Fonts for computers have been around for at least three decades now. Creating fonts were always a pain on the computer (using the mouse comes to mind). Those who were lucky enough to own a tablet pre-iPad generally had money to throw around. urFonts makes creating fonts almost too easy.

The interface is sleekly designed and easy enough to get around with ever crying for an info manual. After creating an account, you are sent to the main edit area. This area contains the character you are working on at the top of the screen, plus tiles which allow you to switch from character to character on the bottom of the screen. Creating a character is as simple as selecting a character tile (i.e. A-Z uppercase, A-Z lowercase, 0-9 and Special Characters) and then drawing it!

A “ghost-letter” (our term) is displayed as a default. You can mute this character so you only see what you draw, or turn it on for alignment purposes to help guide your drawing. Once you finish creating all of your characters, you can name your font (we suggest doing this first actually) and then save it.

Special Privileges

Do not think that you are relegated to just creating regular letter/number sets. If you’ve ever opened a stock version of Microsoft Word, you know that you have access to typical fonts and special character sets. urFonts saves whatever you create without limitation. Want smiley faces for characters? Want to create an emoticon set? How about Planes, Trains and Automobiles? How about Hieroglyphics? Go for it! Perhaps you saw a font online that you would like to use but can’t afford licensing fees. Try to create one from scratch that resembles it a bit. You really have no limitation with what you can create.  

In Action

Once you save your font, you have several options. You can share it with others via Facebook. More importantly, you can send it to your Email or Dropbox account, download it and install it on your PC or Mac. It is that easy. Desktop Publishers, Graphic Designers and Enthusiasts will rejoice. No longer do you have to spend hours on end searching online for the perfect font. If you have just a few minutes, you can create your own from scratch, as many as you wish.

A Companion

urLetters, another app from the same developer, allows you to create stylish letters or cards which can be sent just about anywhere via postage. To send the letters, you need to purchase “credits”. You can go that route, or just send the completed work via email. This app allows you to use the fonts created in urFonts. The developer is quick to point out that you do not have the luxury of installing fonts on the iPad, so you have at least this app which will utilize created fonts. Otherwise, you will get unlimited mileage out of your fonts on a traditional computer.


urFonts is $2.99. We would reckon that any app of this caliber would cost a heck of a lot more once upon a time. It is simply worth every penny. There are no hurdles, annoying limitations or anything that that is hard to understand. Simply open the app and start creating, which is the way it should be. During a video review, we mentioned that urFonts is a homerun. We meant it. Download it. Whether you are an enthusiast, or someone who needs access to a lot of fonts to make a living, you will find this tool invaluable.