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The S'es in the iPhone 4S.


Oct 10th 2011 at 01:47pm by KyleRSharick

Kyle R Sharick

Kyle R Sharick is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Twitter, or read his Blog

As we pick ourselves up after the disappointing news that the new iPhone 4S is really just, the iPhone 4(S?), keep in mind the new iPhone embodies Apple's heredity. The latest upgrade follows suit in comparison to the 3G series. The bump from the iPhone 3 to 3GS did not bring earth-shattering changes, but did manage to be a widely popular and highly lucrative generation of iPhone. Therefore, expect the same and similar reactions to the iPhone 4S. I know, it's sad. Try to get over it, and remember this isn't our decision.


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To help during this difficult transition period, Engadget identified the latest iPhone 4S offerings, or what he describes as, “The Four Ses of the iPhone 4S.”


  1. Speed. The new iPhone ingested the Apple A5 processor, the same processor which runs the iPad 2. To understand how this will affect the functionality and speed of the 4S, try to remember the differences between the original iPad and it's predecessor, iPad 2. While the 4S will help run future iOS upgrades more efficiently, it's not expected to break any ground as far as revolutionary innovations. As with the iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 4G, expect the showstopping to accompany the iPhone 5, next year (or tomorrow – your guess is as good as mine). For developers, the iPhone 4S will result in a quicker, sharper experience and enable them exploit the high-caliber graphics engine in their applications.

  2. Shooting. Similar to the new Samsung phone rumored to unveil this Tuesday (and other phones being released around the same time as the iPhone 4S), the 4S beefs up camera resolution for both digital stills and HD video recording. The new phone upgrades still images from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels, and HD video resolution from 720p to 1080p. The upgraded add-on lenses that came with the iPhone 4 are expected to work well with the new upgrade because of its identical body.

  3. Siri. Apple announced the acquisition of Siri, a company that makes a virtual assistant application designed to help users find restaurants, bars and shopping using speech recognition, back in April 2010. Since, the app has developed under the Apple canopy and exceeds any and all expectations to date. Siri capabilities are integrated into the core of the iPhone 4S and will allow users to search for places of interest using, wait for it....wait for it....something OTHER THAN Google Search.

  4. Sprint. Apple is now offered by Sprint, one of the two biggest leaders in the prepaid cell phone market. During a Sprint event last Friday, Sprint explained that the lack of having an iPhone in their arsenal was the most common reason customers gave for leaving the carrier. The additions of the iPhone 4 and subsequent 4S, will be the first iOfferings Sprint users will see and should help increase Apple's market share.


While none of this is particularly life-altering, taking into account innovations we've come to expect from Apple, it is Apple at its core – so to speak. Apple has never been a company consumed by winning small battles over specifications, but instead remain fixated on long-term goals.


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The iPhone 4S is merely a charity offering to loyal consumers salivating for their next taste of the Apple. Apple fans know that the iOS 5 and iCloud will be incorporated in the next generation of handsets and devices, making this transition time especially tough to bear. For Apple, they will again grace us with technology far beyond our imagination, but they will do so when they're good and ready. [Engadget]


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