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GiveMeApps Reviews

Summly iPhone/iPad App Review


Feb 10th 2012 at 05:11am by jbanafsheha

Jordan Banafsheha

Jordan Banafsheha is a freelance web developer and blogger. Follow him on his Twitter for info on his development services.

Summly is one of the most useful apps … ever, especially for students. Have you ever needed to read a long article really quickly? Have you ever just felt like an article has too much fluff and wished it would just get to the point?


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Well if you have ever felt like that, Summly is your answer.

Inside Summly

Summly is a free iPhone app that summarizes articles for users. Instead of going to Google to search up an article or news item, users can use Summly, which will use an algorithm to organize all the searched data and summarize each article. Summly also allows users to input a url and the app will automatically summarize the article.


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Researchers in MIT have stated that the app is usually very accurate. This app is definitely a work in progress and has room to be improved, but is definitely a must download. Possibly the most amazing fact about this app is that a 16 year old named Nick D’Aloisio created the app. I look forward to seeing what else this young developer will create throughout his career.


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