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GiveMeApps Reviews

Stolen Car Android App Review


Mar 24th 2019 at 05:52pm by Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas

Brooklyn Midas is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • App automatically filters stolen by vehicles by zip code and metropolitan area
  • Submitting pics of suspected stolen vehicles is an easy process
  • It would be great if results could be isolated to a specific square mile radius

It is the biggest fear of any car owner. You wake up one morning and stroll to your attached garage, walk to your parking space after a long day at work or go the parking lot of a mall after a few hours of hardcore shopping and boom, your car is no longer where you left it. What exactly can you do besides contact law enforcement? Well, that is in fact what you should do in all cases, but once that piece is taken care of, it's completely out of your hands. 


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That is until now. Stolen Car for iOS and Android provides another avenue to help you get justice, and we mean this in the lightest possible way. In no way should you interfere or get involved in the processes law enforcement takes on to retrieve stolen vehicles. That said, the app allows you report stolen vehicles so it gets added to a national hot sheet. Let's dive in.

Stolen Car prompts you to create an account once installed. After going through the typical registration process and agreeing to its terms, you are asked to enter a zip code. Once completed, you get a list of all of the suspected stolen cars in the area as reported to the app by its users. The Hot Sheet page lists license plates as well as car make, model and year. Clicking on each entry displays a map with a location pin pointing to where it was reported stolen. If your car was reported stolen to the app, its entry would appear on the hot sheet.


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What if you suspect a car is stolen? As mentioned by the app's developers, you should by no means interfere to attempt to approach the alleged car thieves. Simply take a picture of the license plate or VIN number by clicking on the camera icon on the main screen and then submit the information. The app itself will pass the information to Law Enforcement aiding their search. 

Stolen Car lists stolen cars in your vicinity. Upon usage, we notice that this vicinity was your metropolitan area. While the hot sheet is indeed national, you are limited to your area. That said, you can filter by zip code. We googled a couple of Maryland, California and Florida zip codes. When we entered them, sure enough, license plates from those areas appeared. It would be awesome if the developer could let you choose the search radius in a future update from the main screen. 


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What is great about the app is that it is straight forward and easy to use. The app has one major purpose and fulfills it without any fluff. The icing on the cake is if a car is retrieved after you've reported it, you stand the chance of receiving a cash or non-cash award. Bear in mind that this is a somewhat lengthy process, as it should be. Stolen vehicles have to be verified as legitimate and of course, law enforcement is involved in investigating reports from start to finish. This prevents bogus and fraudulent reporting. The app is available on iOS and Android as a free install. The app may one day help you bring you peace of mind and justice in what is horrible situation for anyone to be in. 


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