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Scenario App iPhone/iPad App Review


Sep 26th 2012 at 09:36am by GiveMeApps

There are so many utilities dedicated to organization across all of the major platforms. These utilities are based on the Rolodex of yesteryear and the pocket organizers that dominated the consumer-sphere back in the 1980s and 1990s. Most of those utilities had something in common, and that was similar interfaces and ways of inputting data. JGSM Dev have come up with a sleek new clean interface that makes their new organizer the Scenario App a bit refreshing. Say it with us, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Here We Go! What's The Scenario?

The start up screen gives you an immaculate interface with three options. The first is to create a scenario, second is to edit a previously created scenario, and third, to launch a previously created scenario. For clarification, a "Scenario" is a group of activities stringed together in one collection with the objective of having them all completed. Like your typical organizer, you will let the app know what date/time those activities should start and be completed. This is unlike most organizers however, because your typical scheduler utility focuses on one task at a specific date/time. Scenario focuses on the group of tasks with the aim of completion. Scenarios when activated begin with 0% completion. The percentage increases as you complete each task in a Scenario, with of course 100% displaying when the entire Scenario is completed. 

An app like this is great for project management. An example being if your boss said that certain things had to get done to set up a conference meeting. This app would help you gauge yourself and ensure that everything was done down to every dot and cross (that is if you actually complete the tasks and not just say you did). You are allowed to create as many scenarios as you like for any date/time you like. This is also what separates traditional organizers from this app. Can you imagine writing down 10 tasks for your 11 AM slot in a program like Outlook? It would be a mess. This app keeps everything clean and separates everything by project. Sweet! Creatable task items include Phone, Email, Note, Web, Calendar, Camera, Message and Twitter. When the items are clicked on, you are able to input relevant data to set up your task. 

We give this app 4 out of 5 stars. While the app is a refreshing take on an old idea, there are areas that could use improving. We would like to see a manual or information icon. We're pretty quick, but not everyone is. We would also like to see customizable task items. This would allow the app to be even more flexible and attractive to business users. This app has the potential to open some eyes and turn some heads. We could really see this being developed into a full fledged app for desktop PCs and Macs at some point.