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Samsung Nexus Prime and Google ICS Coronation at Samsung Unpacked?


Oct 7th 2011 at 09:15am by KyleRSharick

Kyle R Sharick

Kyle R Sharick is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Twitter, or read his Blog

Rumors are swelling around the Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for October 11th in San Diego. Enough rumors that the event is sounding more like prom night for the iPhone's cross-town rivals. Tech reporters giddy with anticipation began passing notes to each other about who will take the biggest honors and be crowned Prom King and Queen on the day. Luckily for us, techies hold onto secrets about as well as a bunch of high-school girls in a gym locker room. We happened to overhear some rumors and will quickly break down the top candidates.


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Prom King favorite is undoubtedly the unveiling of the Samsung Nexus Prime. The ballot entry is so hush-hush that “Nexus Prime” is only codename for the world's largest electronics company's next mobile development. According to a reliable source inside Google's locker room, the “Nexus Prime” packs an Optimus-sized punch. Among the rumored garb Nexus Prime will be sporting on Tuesday are:

✓​ Dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz
✓​ Dual-core GU from Imagination (PowerVR SGX543MP2) that mimics the iPad 2's GPU
✓ 8-megapixel, full 1080p HD video and still camera
✓​ 2050mAh battery guaranteed to last past prom night and through the weekend
✓​ Dual-mode GSM/CDMA radio, as seen on the iPhone 4S

If that's not enough to get the hormones raging, Samsung left us all a little note in our lockers. This teaser video hints at what could come next Tuesday.

But what's a King without his Queen? Rumored to take the arm of Samsung Nexus Prime is the sweet and creamy Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).


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Android ICS will be the first Google OS to unify both phone and tablet parts of their operating system. Currently, the latest Android phone is labeled Gingerbread, while their tablet retains the name, Honeycomb. The love child of these two holiday treats, Ice Cream Sandwhich, will bundle features and interfaces from both, including other new innovations:


✓​ UI overhaul
✓​ New multitasking menu
✓​ Google Apps icon that opens to a tray of Google services
✓​ More shortcuts added to the tool bar


For developers, ICS will get new open-source APIs and a framework that will help them optimize their apps to run on a variety of different Android phones and tablets [CNET].


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Of course it's all rumor for now and most of us will have to wait for the big night, or day in this case, to hear the news. CNET set up a live feed on their website to broadcast the Samsung Unpacked event.

So who do you think will show up Tuesday?

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