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RAM Cash - Play & Earn Android App Review


Oct 15th 2023 at 12:16pm by Queens King

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Productive use of time
  • Easy to win rewards
  • Points transferrable to gift cards
  • Startup tutorial
  • Would like even more games!

Time is the one thing we can't get back. When scrutinized about gaming, the one criticism people hear is some version of, "you're wasting time and money over senseless fun!". Well what if you could earn for playing games on your mobile device? What if you could win gift cards just for completing sixty second tasks? Well, the solution may have just landed!


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Enter RAM Cash - Play & Earn. This nifty collection of games allows you to play games or complete tasks in exchange for coins, points and cash, all which can be redeemed as currency to spend on Google Play, or can be transferred to a Gift Card which you can use right away on Amazon! We can tell that this point, you're thinking, "you've got to be kidding me right?". No we are not!


  RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Home Page | GiveMeApps  RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Spin The Wheel Page | GiveMeApps


RAM CASH gives plenty of choices to burn time while earning. 


Once you download RAM CASH, you will be prompted to enter information to register. Once that is completed, you are then brought through a colorful tutorial on how to navigate the app. From there, you will arrive at the main screen. On the bottom of the screen, you have, "Home", "Notification" and "Settings" buttons. The latter will let you view rules and regulations, contact the developer for support and allow you to rate the app. Notifications is self-explanatory. The home button will let you go back to the main screen wherever you are in the app.


  RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Scratch Off Page | GiveMeApps  RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Survey Page | GiveMeApps


Scatch-Off lovers will be delighted at how satisfying it will be to play this on their devices.

Games are laid out in vertical fashion and are true to their names. "Daily Bonus" allows for bonus points to be collected once every twenty-four hours. "Short Videos" lets you view video ads. Once they clear, you will see an exit button which will bring you back to the main screen. You can watch as many of these ads as you want, and as mentioned, points will roll into your earnings.


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"Play Games" will get the most usage as you will be presented with fun, cool and free games to play. Scratch cards is there and much cheaper to play than actual lotto scratch cards. Simply "rub" your screen to reveal the image shown and voila, you get points! "Complete Survey" will present you with surveys to take. At times, depending on how you answer the questions, the surveys can be as short as a few seconds to a few minutes. In either scenario, you stand to earn massive points. 


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Now for the cool stuff. You get to earn, earn and earn some more! The points literally go into your account after the completion of each task. You can keep track of your earnings on the main screen. When it's time to withdrawl, oh-boy! You can really "laugh to the bank" as they say. As mentioned, points and coins can be converted to "cash" to use on Google Play, or to Gift Cards which can be used on Amazon.


 RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Settings Page | GiveMeApps  RAM Cash - Play & Earn | Android | Redeem Page | GiveMeApps 

Turn your rewards into Gift Cards or Play Cash on the "Redeem Page".


What a way to bring in the holidays! While the games offered aren't Doom or PS5 level, for a train or bus ride home, this would be a great way to burn some time and get something in return. Say goodbye to "mindless gaming", you're actually being "rewarded" for your play-time. In that sense, it will be worth the download to those who want to put in the time. Remember, you're winning! Download it here


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