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PopSci iPhone/iPad App Review


Jan 21st 2012 at 09:22am by Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilo

Amanda Amilio is a freelance blogger and tech enthusiast

PopSci WiFi (or POP) is a brand new app, another one of the many rolled out by the Tech Group at Bonnier Corporation. Available for .99 cents for both the iPhone and iPad, this app could quite possibly become your newest best friend.


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Working off of GPS, the app finds your location and displays a main screen in which all available free wi-fi locations (powered by Contineo) surrounding you 'POP' up in the map. An app like any other, it has some additional unique features as well.



Along the bottom of the main screen there are 4 icons but the most notable are the 'My deals' and 'share' icons. Again using your location, the deals feature searching your area for any special promotions or deals that are available from the app's associated company, Popular Science, and their partners.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Pop Sci | GiveMeApps

Famous Popular Science Magazine Is Now In App Form


For example, if McDonald's is one of their partners and one of the locations in your surrounding area they should appear in your deal sections if in fact they are having a special n coffee, and the like. Another nice feature is the share button, allowing users to share a POP free wi-fi spot with anyone via email.


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Within the settings feature, the user is given the option to search a particular miles radius as oppose to their immediate area. With a wide array of options, this app provides a great guide to free wi-fi in your area. Keep in mind that because it does work off GPS, you must have a service plan or existing wi-fi connection in order for it to function. But if you check before you are on the go- the opportunities become endless!


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