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Poker Party House iPhone/iPad App Review


Jul 8th 2015 at 02:16pm by GiveMeApps

Casinos are an addicting place. The sounds of slot machines, wheel of fortune games, blackjack, and roulette are a complete draw attracting millions every year. Not all of us are fortunate be it whether financially or with time to get make it out to the Casino at the drop of a dime. Thankfully, mobile gaming can bring all of these amenities to us, namely the establishments most challenging and strategy laden game – poker. Poker Party House for the iPhone&iPad puts all of this in your hand, letting you experience the ambience and thrill of sitting at a table of equally skilled poker players.

Let The Party Begin

Poker Party house gives you the option of creating your own separate account or signing in via social media. Once you’re in, you can choose an Avatar and from a few gaming options. These include Hold ‘Em, which is probably the most popular game right now and Sit’N Go. You also have the option of buying more chips by way of in app purchases. An info icon on the top right corner lets you review hands just in case you need a poker primer.

Once you’ve decided your bag, you enter a room which can seat up to nine players. If a game is in session, then you have to wait for the next hand. Game play consists of bets, raises, calls, folds and you can even set your max buy in. Beware, low settings may not get you into rooms because of your low buy in preference.


The game has a clean design and is straightforward. Inexperienced poker players may want to brush up on hands and plays, but even just watching games go on before you are seated will allow you to get an idea of how to get around. With the casino ambience of background slot machines, conversation and calls from the dealer, plus applauses, you will feel right at home.