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Nokia Rolls Out First Windows Phones: No Word On Snake (Yet).


Oct 26th 2011 at 07:42am by KyleRSharick

Kyle R Sharick

Kyle R Sharick is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Twitter, or read his Blog

The worlds largest cellphone maker Nokia will unveil a new line of cellphones using Microsoft software on Wednesday at the Nokia World media and industry event in London. Nokia's market share and popularity have plummeted since the arrival of pretty much any phone, after Nokia. However the Nordic legends of mobile devices hope a little Mic-magic will spur a comeback conquest.


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Nokia is expected to launch two to three new models using the software, including the Searay which looks similar to its current N9 handset.

Nokia and Microsoft have said they would focus on close co-operation with operators to support the platform. Magnus Jern, chief executive of Barcelona-based mobile app development firm Golden Gekko, told Reuters that operators want to have another company that's not Google or Apple.


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The Norseman hope to gain attention from developers in much the same way Apple and Google have attracted software developers that enriched their devices. The key for Nokia is price. Analyst Carolina Milanesi from research firm Gartner said Nokia should price its first models below those of Samsung and HTC, and then market them heavily. Look for Nokia to to skim something off the top to give consumers and developers in an attempt to remain afloat during this new voyage.


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Nokia holds a special place in the hearts of those born in the “blacklight era.” They were the originators of the cellphone – the cause of endless, non-productive high-school hours better spent playing Snake and texting co-eds, before there was such a thing as “sexting.” If price doesn't excite consumers, hopefully the nostalgic appeal of carrying a Nokia will.

What do you think? Are you ready to ditch your current smartphones and kick it old school?


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