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My Clock Station iPhone/iPad App Review


Aug 23rd 2012 at 04:24am by GiveMeApps

Since the PC/Mac days of the 80s and the Pocket Organizers and Palm Pilots of the 90s, computer and mobile device manufacturers have included alarm clocks in their products. The majority of these included apps had the same basic functionality that your dad's alarm did. That is going off at the time you set. Some of these apps grew to become more elaborate providing scheduling and including calendars. It seems the mobile developers of the 2000s are having more fun with this including all kinds of bells and whistles in their apps. The guys at Game Scorpion have outdone themselves with their MyClockStation Pro app for iOS. I will admit, this review is going to be quite biased, because this app seems to have something for everyone, and we here at GiveMeApps adore it.

The Alarm Clock That Will Wake You Or Put You To Sleep

The startup screen takes you directly to the clock, and unlike some of the other Alarm Clock apps we've reviewed, this app has every menu item laid out on the extreme left hand side of the screen. This means no menu digging! The info icon on the bottom will overlay a guide displaying the function of each menu item or display of the app. Very handy. Above the info icon, is the theme button which gives the option of re-skinning the app to your taste. Above that lies the orientation icon, which forces the app to display right side up or upside down. Above that we have the screen-saver icon, the we have the flashlight icon which turns your iOS device into a flashlight by displaying a blank white screen. and the notes icon which allows you to take notes and store them for later vieiwing or editing.

Our absolute favorite part of this app is the Sleep Icon. The sleep icon brings you to a gallery of various naturesque and nocturnal to assist with sleep. These sounds can be played anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour. We have to tell you, this to us is the apps "wow" spot. Simple yet so effective. The app is $1.99, but we'd pay $1.99 just for the sleep sounds. They are extremely soothing and work for us. Some themes include "In The Water", White Noise" and "Soothing Strings". We literally could see users going crazy with this every time they want to fall asleep. 

There are a ton of more features that this app has to offer that we cannot go into here, but be sure to check out the app listing here on GiveMeApps. We give this app a 5 out 5 stars. We admit that the sleep function really makes this app attractive. Who knew that the app that's supposed to wake you up could do a swell job at putting you to sleep :)