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Moozy iPhone/iPad App Review


Dec 8th 2015 at 05:08am by GiveMeApps

It is rare that we come across that is truly different and breaks the mold. We're talking about the kind of game that doesn't copy any retro classic or rehash anythign that has been done before.


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We're talking about a game that has truly unique game play and an even more unique objective. Developer Daniel Corcoran has done just that with Moozy - The Little Vampire.


See Also: Orbot Traverse (Android)


Moozy is more of a mosquito than a vampire, but sucking up blood is the goal. In this game, you have to direct the mosquito to any of the specified points on the humans body, land it at the correct angle and then suck blood. There is too much a good thing however.


Sucking up too much blood will cause your container to overflow and then you die. There are other ways to die however. Get too close or fly in at the wrong angle and you'll be smashed by the person with their hand. Fly too low and you'll fall to the ground. Thankfully, there are controls to help direct yourself up and at the angle you desire. Your job is to get enough blood to move to the next level! 


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We love the fact that a nice tutorial is available and that there are obstacles which make the game more excited. Come across rain and you will be slowed down. Also watch for other insects that will make your life difficult. Overall, Moozy is a cool little unique game; enough to keep you interesed for some time. Do you have an apetite for blood? If so, then check out Moozy.


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