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Mama Shark Android App Review


Mar 20th 2014 at 12:41am by GiveMeApps

The Flappy Bird transplants are taking over the entire gaming world. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. A lot of the games have similar game play and after a while, the concept can get a bit tiresome. The creative minds behind “Baby Shark” have upped the ante to the original gameplay idea by adding additional ways to get points, a faster pace, as well as dynamic obstacles. All of these things together make this take on an original idea much more enjoyable. What you get is Mama Shark, the faster paced sequel to Baby Shark.

Get The Fish

The premise behind Mama Shark (and Baby Shark) is that you are a shark in deep waters. You have to navigate your way around by tapping the screen. Navigating too low or too high will force you to start from scratch. In your way are seaweed patches. Some are near the top of the screen, some near the bottom, some in the middle, and some just about everywhere. Your main goal is to eat as many fish as possible while avoiding the seaweed, surface or sea bottom.

Each attempt is unpredictable. You never know where seaweed will appear. In an attempt to get as many points as possible while staying alive, you will try to capture all of the fish. This is not a great idea every time as you may inadvertently run into a patch of seaweed. Ouch!

Perks and Verdict

Like similar games, you will want to want to match or beat your highest score. The consumption of fish will up your score considerably, as would passing seaweed patches. Our highest score was 258, numbers we would never see in similar games. This fact along with the gameplay is what kept us coming back, trying to top our score with higher numbers.

Baby Shark and Mama Shark are both similar. They are both free, built around the same concept and are played exactly the same. The app listing warns that will not be ready for Mama Shark if you have not mastered Baby Shark, and also reminds that the game is not Flappy Bird. Mama Shark certainly is not. This fast-paced tap-to-navigate runner is for those who can keep up, have mastered agile screen tapping and are ready to experience a little more excitement than the all of the tap to navigate games currently offer.