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Left Turn Otto Android App Review


Sep 20th 2014 at 11:31am by GiveMeApps

With the number of 8 bit themed games being released here in the 2010s, you would swear that the 1980s never left. Developers are dragging out the blips and beeps of yesteryear along with clunky block sixteen color graphics that defined gaming some thirty years ago. The caveat is that a lot of these games capitalize on titles from that era, quietly saluting them with similar game play and very familiar characters. We came across one title that not only put a new concept, but managed to marry it with the crude graphics and simple yet challenging game play that made us fall in love with gaming from its inception.

Meet Otto

Left Turn Otto throws you back into 8 bit-dom with an otter that is trying to find his way home. This cute little character will only get there by you directing it through a series of left turns in 50 different levels with 3 difficulty settings. Combined, that is 150 levels! Two player mode and One Shot mode is included for more game play options. Getting home is achieved by obtaining the shell in each level. With the ability to only make left turns in mind, even without playing the game, you can imagine how challenging it might be. This simple concept alone is gold.


The first couples of levels are pretty easy as expected and give you a basic overview of the gameplay. Here, you have to navigate waterways, some narrow to get to the shell. If you inadvertently touch one of the riverbanks on either side, you will be forced back to the beginning of the level, seeing every move you made prior to your mistake along the way. What is great about this is that you can retrace your steps. Also, you get unlimited lives which adds to its addictiveness. We urge you to stay the course and get to at least level 10. While earlier levels are challenging, things step up on later boards. By level 12, you will have to capture flags to remove logs which block waterways. At first, you will have to remove one or two logs. By Level 20, it will bump up to five or six of them. Some of the waterways will get extremely narrow, forcing you to really think about the points at which you will make your turns. Once again, touch a riverbank or any obstacle and you will be taken back to the beginning of that level.

It Gets Even Better

By Level 30, you will deal with portals and other obstacles which will make you think about how to move around. One Shot Mode adds another challenge. In this mode, you are not allowed any mistakes. If you make it to Level 3 for example, one mistake will take you back to Level  1 and you will have to start from scratch!


When reviewing most games, we go a few levels in, but with Left Turn Otto, we wanted to keep playing and playing. As many great games as there are on the market, this is one of the most fun and addictive games we’ve ever played period. When we say this, we don’t just mean on a mobile platform, but all the way back to our experiences playing NES consoles back in the 80s. We literally could not put our device down and made multiple attempts on difficult levels because we really wanted to get it right. Who knew that such a simple concept could work well when implemented properly? Left Turn Otto is a textbook example of what makes for a great video game. No fancy graphics or sound are needed, just a simple concept, goal and challenges. We cannot imagine this not being an instant classic. Though it is a new release, its simplicity would make you believe you were playing a remake of a 1980s hit. The Commodore 64 SID like sound added to the fun! Left Turn Otto is a must download. Five stars!