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Kiss Island Light iPhone/iPad App Review


Nov 14th 2011 at 10:15am by Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Flipboard.

With the launch of Kiss Island 2.0 from Ostin Games, which coincided with a major much needed update, this game has really improved. This action game includes survival style fighting and sweet kiss rewards. The user is playing as Jack Starley, the USAF’s #1 pilot, whose state of the art military spacecraft has crashed in the middle of the ocean. You (Jack) are very lucky to be alive.


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It has improved for the user on your choice for controlling the game, either with a d-pad or an accelerometer. Along with improvements for the way the user controls the game, we have improved graphics, which was a much needed enhancement, it has Diamond Hearts power-ups and the Superbag which enables the hero to have access to useful weapons to fend off the ever so hostile characters.


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Jack Starley suddenly finds himself upon none other than tropical Kiss Island, the island of kisses. You have to fight your way through the jungles to survive, with each of the 9 levels becoming increasingly difficult than the previous level. You find yourself up against sexy Amazons that you kiss with the kiss of death and apes, that if they catch you, you lose a life. Other villains include Atamansha (the strongest woman on Kiss Island) and Shaman, among others.


iPhone/iPad App Review: Kiss Island Light | GiveMeApps

Kiss Island Light Puts You In A Castaway Like Environment

Some of the weapons that Jack is equipped with include rocks, that are used for throwing at wild animals, and the use of the superbag, which contains rocks, golden nuggets, rotten bananas, and the ever important energy drink. Each weapon has a different effect on the different characters of the game. The supply of the superbag can be replenished through in store, once the user runs out of the necessary weapon.


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This game is weird, fun and at times can be very challenging, even addictive. Once you start playing and start getting some practice, you can start to figure out some of the tricks of the game, like how to catch and kiss the Amazon women, tackle the apes and the other overbearing characters as well. The developer has really done a great job with the graphics and animation that goes along quite well with the music. Exciting, fun and addictive! Need I say more?

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