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Important Call From China iPhone/iPad App Review


Aug 20th 2013 at 11:35am by GiveMeApps

Why spend hundreds of dollars on Rosetta Stone when you can fool your friends into thinking you can speak Mandarin Chinese now? Mandarin is one of the toughest languages to learn. Over 5,000 years old with hundreds of dialects and a writing system involving over 80,000 characters, taking Chinese on is no simple task. That is unless you have an app like "Important Call From China". You can fool your friends into thinking you can speak Chinese with one simple click!

Use of the app is straight forward. Your startup screen consists of a simple keypad. If you're in an office setting or near friends, the contents of the app are conspicuous enough that your prankees will believe that you are just making a phone call. The bottom left button of the keypad has a "secret button" that will uncover instructions on how to get the app going.

You are presented with eight ringtones and three conversational situations. The first is "Call from an important executive". Second is "Important call about politics", followed by the third, "Wrong number from China". In each situation, you receive instructions on what to say and what facial expressions to use to give people nearby the idea that you really know what you are talking about. Once you select your conversation and ringtone, press "apply" and your call will begin!

The developer makes it clear that app will not make you master Chinese. It is just for fun, and fun you will have. We see this app going over well with High School and College Students. If you are an adult and attempt at using this during an important business conference, just hope that no one tries to jump into your "conversation", otherwise you will all have a laugh. 

Simple plain fun. Check it out.