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Homeless Regime iPhone/iPad App Review


Oct 10th 2015 at 04:32pm by GiveMeApps

If we told you that you could play a cool game and donate money to a great cause at the same time you should be excited. If you have a nack for retro based text games like Oregon Trail, then Homeless Regime should be right up your alley. Here you can learn some survival tactics, visit Australlia and help a good cause at the same time!

I Will Survive

Homeless Regime as you on the streets of Sydney, Austraillia fighting to stay alive. As this is a text based game, there is little in the way of graphics, but the interface isn't much different than my old 1980s Commodore 64 screen showing Oregon Trail. Gameplay is responding to prompts, be it questions or statements. As a homeless person, you have to beg for money, sleep on the streets or under bridges and get medicine when sick. Begging for money is what gets you funds to purchase medicine when needed, food to satisfy hunger or beverages to quench your thirst.

You have to think about your desicions before executing them. We opted to sleep in "Hyde Park" which led us to become a statistic. It was cold and damp there and after purchasing medicine the "night before" we had no funds for medicine "today", so we perished.


While the game is no PS4 graphics parade, your decisions will make you reflect on the obstacles and dilemmas many of the less fortunate face and we could not resist the opportunity to help an organization which seeks to take care of those in tough situations. Check out Homeless Regime and help those who need it.