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Havoc Heroes Android App Review


Oct 26th 2014 at 11:36pm by GiveMeApps

We have played a plethora of medieval inspired games but it seems like developers just cannot get it right on the Mobile platform. Games like Dishonored (xBox) exploit stereotypes from the period, knights, bowmen, damsels in distress, crown jewels – all things that we love. If you are a Middle Age nerd (pun intended) and enjoy epic styled battles with swords, bow and arrows, but need a fix on your mobile device, then Havoc Heroes is what the doctor ordered.

Wreaking Havoc

Havoc Heroes has Super Mario styled gameplay. You get to choose from one of three characters of which only one is available currently, a knight with a sword. After character selection, you are dropped into a world of spearman, bowmen, jewels, power ups and long gaps (ring a bell?). Each enemy has to be approached differently. Bowmen can be run through since your sword points outward. You may jump over them, but at your own risk since they shoot! Spearman cannot be run through, but pounced on. Picking up jewels in series can accelerate your speed. Different power ups give you special privileges.  Our favorite one, Commander puts several of you on the screen at once for more realistic battle scenarios.  The game is an endless runner, so it goes on and on, but the action gets better and better as you advance.


Havoc Heroes is one of the most fun medieval inspired games we’ve played in a while. There aren’t any hard to follow strategies, boring storylines, or annoying maps to access. If you’ve played any video game over the last four decades, gameplay will be easy to pick up and follow. A thorough tutorial is included to get you up to speed on all of the relevant game specific jargon and ways to maneuver and outsmart your enemies. This is the game we have been looking for a long time on the mobile platform. Havoc Heroes is epic in every sense of the word. Epic game play, epic enemies, epic background music and epic power-ups.