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Happy Hedgehog iPhone/iPad App Review


Apr 10th 2015 at 01:23pm by GiveMeApps

What happens when you take a familiar character from one of the most popular games in history, put your own spin on it and change the game play a bit? You get a mix of nostalgia and curiosity, that’s what.  In Happy Hedgehog, we get cute furry character who isn’t running away from enemies and using weapons, but rather a quest not get squashed by a heavy monster sized lawnmower who is driving around the planet in less than a few seconds!

Sonic Force

Happy Hedgehog is a mixture of endless jumping and head bopping madness. In this game, you sometimes have one, two or more hedgehogs jumping up at random points around a planet, literally a sphere on a screen. A truck revolves around the surface of this planet at all times. The hedgehogs pop up from the planet and your job is to tap the screen before you get squashed or hit. Since multiple hedgehogs appear randomly, you have to keep your eyes on the screen and have your fingers ready at all times. As this is an endless jumper, how well you do depends on how long you can keep this up.

Your objective then is to beat your highest score. It will take some time to figure out gameplay and develop good habits. You’ll find that early games will end as soon as they begin, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on it for a while.


Happy Hedgehog is a nice alternative to the overdone tap to flap games that currently pollute the app stores. The principal is the same in the game’s endlessness, but is challenging nonetheless. It is a marriage of minimalism and a challenge all in one package. It’s worth checking out.