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GrowSocial Android App Review


Feb 2nd 2014 at 07:41pm by GiveMeApps

If you are on the internet right now and have accounts on any Social Media Network, you generally fall in one of three categories. Either you are someone who wants to keep in touch with close friends, a socialite who wants to meet people or a business who wants to get more conversion. If you fall in the latter two categories, then a large following is what you need. How can you grow followers on the social networks? In the early days, you could just add people. Because of Anti-Spam enforcement, it is not as easy to do that these days. What if there was a tool to help you? Well, welcome to Grow Social.

Want To Grow Social?

Grow Social is the first of its kind on the market. It allows you to grow your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers from one hub using a buddy system of sorts with coins as an incentive. Every time you add followers to your overall network, you get coins which can be used to start your own campaigns. The word campaign is important because Grow Social promotes this as a marketing tool. Even if you are trying to grow your own personal account, there is a professional mindset.

How Much Can You Grow?

One of Grow Social’s strong points is its UI. The UI is neatly designed and all of the information is presented in an easy-to-understand format. You have to link your social media accounts to use this app, though at sign up, the app reminds you that you do not have to link the account you wish to promote, which is useful if you want to give the app a test run.

Linking your account only accesses your birthday, friends list and current city. The home screen lists from “Featured” campaigns. Tapping on the blue icon left of “Featured” will show your activity history. The Featured users gives you an overall idea of how the app is supposed to be used. You will see names on the left, followed by “Follow” buttons and coin values to the right. Add someone and you will watch your coin amount increase.


The bottom strip features your HOME , BROWSE, CAMPAIGNand PROFILE icons. The BROWSE icon will let you scroll through active campaigns by other users. CAMPAIGN will let you set up your own campaign. You will have create a campaign name, set a budget and target audience. Neat! PROFILE will let you select your interests and edit your information.


We spent a lot of time with Grow Social and have to say that it has the potential to be a very powerful tool and ally. Since the app uses a revenue based model, it is in a sense “asking” you to follow people for which both parties benefit. There is how you eliminate the spam possibility. Truly a brilliant way to go about growing your social media accounts in the 2010s. As we mentioned, the UI has a clean design and everything is easy to understand. As it is free and insanely useful for the individual and small business, we cannot see why users may have this in their arsenal as one of their go-to tools.