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Gravity Football Euro 2012 Android App Review


Jun 30th 2012 at 03:00pm by GiveMeApps

Growing up with football or soccer has created a special place for football related games in my heart. I have played every single football game made by the big-shot companies every year. Other than adding a year in the title, those big-time games don't really have much going for them. Hence, I did not have much expectation from Gravity Football. Boy, was I wrong! Gravity Football brings in a very interesting way to play football, which is not only fun and exciting, but also incredibly challenging.

Game that Requires Skill? You Bet!

The game menu is very easy to navigate and offers enough visual cues for anyone to start a game without any hassle at all. With two different game modes, you can choose to play a Quick Match or a play a fully-fledged Euro Cup game. The game has autosave feature so you don't have to manually save after finishing a match. When you finish a match, you get to see where you stand in the Group Standing along with other competing teams. But let's take a look at the most interesting part of this game that separates this from other big title football games, the gameplay mechanics.


You don't have 11 players on field; you only get one per team. This might sound like a turnoff, but it is quite the opposite. In a mobile device with limited view, the idea of using one player per team is revolutionary to say the least. If you ever played finger hockey, this will be incredibly familiar. The only 'player' that you get to play with is not an actual person, it is a circular shape like a hockey puck with the flag of the your team country. You can move the player around with you finger, tackle the other player and grab the ball with your finger as well. While you are holding the ball, it circles around your player with a corresponding arrow sign showing the direction of the ball. When you let go, the ball shoots wherever the arrow was pointed at. This might sound like a glorified air hockey game, but Gravity Football is way more challenging and fun than anything else I have come across recently.





There is not much to improve on this game. Gravity Football is a game in the casual sports category. But if you go in the field with that mindset, you will be in for a surprise. I wish the game was a little less challenging, but that would take all the fun out of this game. I stopped playing games on my phone due to lack of creative and challenging games. Well, Gravity Football is definitely worth your time and I know I will be spending a lot of time with this game as well as recommending it to others. Oh! another interesting thing about this game: it is free.

When not spending money on new gadgets, skipping class and planning mischievous activities, Amit Biswas is a freelance writer and a tech enthusiast.