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Gluey iPhone/iPad App Review


Aug 25th 2012 at 05:32am by GiveMeApps

Many of the games on the market are pickup and go. We more or less are able to take this approach with just about every game we review. After all, seen one, seen them all right? It takes a lot for a developer or writer to break the mold and come up with new concepts to market, let alone actually read an instruction manual to fully understand the concept. While we normally cringe at such a concept, the boys at Mobile Age made sure that a crack at the information manual wouldn't be such a bad idea. Let us be the first to tell you that with this game, while it may seem as minus, it would be worth every penny. Gluey is tons of fun, but this game will actually make you think and not just go crazy. In fact, in a good way, you will go crazy, maybe even develop obsessive compulsive disorder. Gluey is that addictive.

Keep Your Eyes On The Screen

When we first started playing with Gluey, we did not crack open the manual. We just got in and started playing which is a bad idea. You have a bunch of colored sticky globlets which drop into a container, all at different speeds. Your job is NOT to just clear the container by touching or zapping the globlets, but rather to zap out the like colored globlets. That's not all. Globlets can join together randomly while in the container, creating joined masses. You want to zap these joined masses out to make more room in the container and by doing so, you get more points. If this doesn't happen, you want to focused on the like colors. Paying attention to the screen is crucial because you absolutely want the masses to join for more points. Zapping out non-like colors caught in the middle of like colors can allow the like colors to join, thus giving you more points.

The frustrating aspect (in a good way) about Gluey is that it is non-traditional, and Mobile Age had this in mind. You're not racing against some clock to clear the jar (you might believe this by glancing at this game and not taking the time to figure it out). You're also not trying to clear the jar per say. If you end up with single colored globlets in the container and not enough points, you lose that round and cannot advance to the next level. 

What makes Gluey most fun is that it is challenging. You are allowed to repeat any level as many times as you want to get a grasp of the concept. This is an added (and welcome plus). As you advance, globlets can drop in faster, and you get multiple ways to zap globlets and get more points. We made it up to Level 9 after attempting many times to advance but failing to clear the jar without leaving single colored globlets. See you can clear the jar, but still not grab enough points. In this case, you will lose! Our advice, pay attention and learn this game.

This is a different kind of app, and this surely gets points for that. It will keep you at the edge of your seat and scratching your head. If you're looking for a challenge, well by golly, this is it. We got a pick me up by watching the trailer for this app on YouTube. We recommend you watch this so you can see the game in action before giving it the old college try. 4 out of 5 stars. Good graphics, immensely good concept, and it will force you to do something most games don't, which is think!