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Football Gala Brazil Android App Review


Jun 12th 2014 at 07:54am by GiveMeApps

Are you ready for some Football? Err, Soccer? It is that time of the decade again! Every four years, the best of the best soccer teams across the globe, meet and battle it out until the undisputed champion team of the world is left when the dust settles. While Football is the game of choice in the United States, “real football”, or soccer is a juggernaut everywhere else. Apps For New Generation, a development firm has put out an app that promises to keep you engaged and in the know about everything concerning the upcoming matches.


Football Gala Brazil allows you to view upcoming matches, squad and team information, stadium and relevant game info and even predictions. The layout of the app will capture your attention first. A lot of work went into design and functionality. The beautiful background images which accompany information is licensed from Shutter Stock and music from Audio The background music sounds like a mixture of Samba and West African genres. Music can be muted simply by tapping on the mute button. On the bottom of the screen lies the navigation menu which consists of nine icons.

Getting Around

Tapping on “Teams” brings up a map of the world with flags hovering over the countries which have teams participating in the World Cup. By selecting any flag, a listing pops up containing a list of the Key Players of the respective team, the date of their best finish and a list of their upcoming matches.  The “Change To Squad” icon on the top right of the screen will display team rosters in columns separated by player position.

“Stadiums” brings up a map of Brazil (who will host the World Cup this year) with a list of cities placed over their locations on the map. Selecting a city will show the teams which it will host along with the groups those teams belong to. This information is all to the right of the map. Tapping on Rio De Janeiro for example show the stadium name “Estadio Beira Rio” along with its seating capacity. Below that, the list of teams playing there is displayed. In this case, France vs. Honduras, Australia vs. Netherlands and so on are all shown.

“Groups” brings up in column form, the teams which belong to specific groups lettered A to H. “Matches” shows upcoming matches by date laid out in chronological tree diagram fashion with dates from June 12, 2014 all the way to the end on June 26th. “Bracket” brings up the ever popular “Brackets” while “Bet Network” shows predictions courtesy of Bet Network users.

The Official App

While Football Gala Brazil is not the official FIFA app, it very well should be. With its sleek and attractive design, a multitude of useful information, predictions, maps, stadium info, player info and brackets, the app aside from television is one of the few resources anyone would need to be knowledgeable about everything concerning the World Cup before it even begins! As it is a free install, downloading it is a no-brainer. If you are a die-hard fan of the World Cup and want the latest information about the worldwide event, then download Football Gala Brazil, you will not be disappointed.  The apps is available on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 platforms.