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Flirty Birdys Android App Review


Mar 28th 2014 at 08:26am by GiveMeApps

These days, it seems as if the birds have a hold on the mobile gaming market. From the tap to flap to attack games, we aren’t sure if we’re just still fascinated with their ability to fly or just to look cute. Thankfully, every developer isn’t stuck on the same concept. The crew over at Virtual Jungle LLC takes bird-mania to whole another level on the Android platform with a fresh and novel concept - Love.

The Premise

Flirty Birdys has a bunch of male birds whose aim is to make in into the “love tunnel” on each level.  The love tunnel is preceded by a stone path taking on different shapes in a park-like setting. Your aim is to place female birds around the path to distract and eliminate the males and prevent them from making it into the tunnel. Depending on your point of view, this could be as close to real life as it gets!

The startup screen gives a few options. Selecting PLAY for the first time displays 10 levels, with every level after the first locked. Levels stay locked until the previous one is completed. An option for a quick tutorial is available, explaining game play. While the tutorial was pretty thorough, we do suggest that the developer adds a mock tutorial gameplay level with some explanations. We understood the included tutorial and were able to make it through the first level with little effort, but it still took a bit of guessing work to fully understand how to play the game.

Game Play

The fun began for us once we figured things out. In earlier levels, male birds enter the path slowly. The opposite is true for subsequent levels. Females may be placed on the grass around the path, but not on the path itself. Your job is to get the guys distracted. After you get females planted around the path, you can start throwing hearts at the boys. You get to watch their eyes pop out and eventually disappear. For us, we found that placing females near the tunnel worked best. Tap on females to throw hearts when there are no boys in your radius and your bird(s) may disappear. You bring females out on to the path by dragging them from the female bird panel at the bottom of the screen. Different female birds have different point values and different sized radiuses in which their throwing abilities can work. Hearts are only thrown if there is more than one female placed around the path. Hearts can only be thrown as long as male birds are within their radius (important).

With each male bird loved and then eliminated, your points go up. Should enough boys make it into the tunnel without being eliminated, then it’s game over and you’re left “heartbroken”. It is very important to pay attention to where the male birds are with respect to the radiuses of the females as if male birds are not in range or disappear, they have a much bigger chance of escaping into the tunnel.


Flirty Birdys is a likeable game. While fun for the whole family, we see it doing particularly well with younger girls. The concept is fresh and gameplay does get quite challenging. Graphics are on the better side of average. We also did like the sound effects and background music . The only criticism we have is that we would like to see a better tutorial. Ads are included but can be eliminated by way of a 99 cent in-app purchase. Even if you decide not to splurge, ads only appear in between levels, so they are not distracting. This is a plus. You also have the option of buying extra coins.

Check out Flirty Birdys, you may like it.  Like flirting and dating in real life, it will be a challenge.