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Family Orbit Android App Review


Oct 9th 2015 at 03:12am by GiveMeApps

Sometimes a text message is just not enough. When family is involved, we want to know that everyone is safe at all times. There is a great sigh of relief when we know that your wife made it work safely, your husband made it to the game and the kids made it to school. In the case that they didn't, texting everyone would not only be time consuming, but life threatening. The folks at AppObit LLC have made an app for that, and that app is Family Orbit.

Making It To Orbit

Family Orbit from our perspective is home security away from home. After you create an account, you can invite family members in. Family members can then be messaged simultaneously. All users can "check in" and attach a photo to a message along with it. Junior is telling you he is going to piano lessons? Have him check in at the location and send a photo as proof that he is in fact there.

Adult users can go invisibile, taking them off of the grid. The Family Camera lets you take photos using the device camera or by choosing photos from your gallery. A panic button sends an alert to all members on the account. If little Suzie goes missing, or if you are in danger, pressing the panic button sends out the alert along with your position on a map. When viewing the alert, you can see where the person was along with how long ago the alert was sent, a very important feature

What we liked the most were the safe zones. You can set safe zones so that when a member leaves a specified radius an alert is sent. This is perfect for those youngsters you have in the lower grades. Even more impressive is the speed alert. Gave Johnny the car for the night? Get notified if he drives over a certain speed.

Family Orbit Android App Review | GiveMeApps

Keep Track Of Family Memebers And Make Sure Everyone Is Safe! | Family Orbit for Android!


We can't see why any Mom or Dad in America wouldn't want an app like this on thier device. In an era where text messages reign supreme, it just makes sense to take the burden of texting one family member at a time to get an important message out. More importantly, if we can use technology to make sure that our family membes are safe, then why not? With Family Orbit, you can reach out, keep track of and ensure that your family is as close and secure as ever.