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FaceDial iPhone/iPad App Review


Dec 16th 2015 at 10:14am by GiveMeApps

Every once in a while an app comes along that makes some process which was mundane or complicated become slightly easier and more fun with a few unexpected bells and whilstles thrown in.


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It's an app that forces you to say, 'Ah, I always needed that", even if it was an app that you never thought you needed before. FaceDial for Facetime provides such capabilities and might have you coming back for more.


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FaceDial for Facetime searches your phone for FaceTime contacts and allows you to add them to your app's list for the purposes of organizing and recall. Each contact can have a picture attached to.


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Pictures are chosen from your gallery. These pics when tapped on the app's main screen act as the portal for dialing, emailing or texting. Pics can be displayed as circles or square icons with the sizes also customizable using settings icons in the edit area.The order of the icons can also be altered. 


iPhone/iPad App Review: FaceDial | GiveMeApps

FaceDial lets you organize your FaceTime contacts


FaceDial for Facetime streamlines an already existing process making communication with anyone of your contacts easier and more fun. If you're looking for a way to orgazine your contacts in such a way where all you need to do in order to email, tet or call someone is tap their face once, then FaceDial for Facetime is up your alley. 


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