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eTrizzle Android App Review


Dec 24th 2013 at 06:37am by GiveMeApps

So we are now at a tipping point in Digital Media where no longer are we confined to browsing through video stores to search for our favorite DVD, nor must we wait until a certain time to watch movies or dig deep in our pockets to cough up money for On-Demand or Pay Per View. We can pretty much watch whatever we want, whenever we want. It will be available somewhere. In our quest for entertainment convenience, we still have to search a number of places for what it is we want to watch. ETrizzle attempts to streamline searches so you can find whatever you want to watch from one place. Neat!

Enter eTrizzle

This free install brings up a clean interface when started up. A search bar is displayed at the top of the screen allowing you to search or content via title, director and actor. Below this is the list of Top Movies online at the moment. This search can be further narrowed down by tapping on “All Categories”. This brings up a selectable list of the different categories such as Action, Comedy, Drama and so forth. Tapping done streamlines your list to your liking.

Once you tap on what you want to watch, you are given the movie’s title card, its rating, length and release date.  A link to the movie’s trailer on YouTube is displayed and beneath this, you are shown all of the places where the movie can be streamed, rented or bought. Neat! The usual suspects are included in most results - Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox Video, M-Go, and so forth.

Below the list of places to watch is the movie synopsis and list of related movies.

In Practice

Use is straightforward. Select the place you want to view your movie, tap and go. If you have an account with one of the aforementioned services, your quest is done. Simply click the link, log in and  you are ready to go! You are not limited to only movies either. You can look for your favorite TV shows in the same fashion.


eTrizzle puts the world of movies and television at your Fingertips in a way that reminds you how good we have it being able to search for what we want to watch without leaving our seat or scrolling through endless channels. Truly browse for everything you could possibly want in one place. You are not restricted to the content on one particular site. If you can’t find something somewhere, you will most likely find it somewhere else. eTrizzle makes searching for what you want easier and fun.