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Dress Up Pony Girl Cosplay iPhone/iPad App Review


Apr 19th 2015 at 12:23pm by GiveMeApps

There will always be new ways of doing all things. Since the dawn of time, young girls have played dress up with everything from Wooden Dolls to modern day plastic Barbie Dolls. Whether it is simply changing outfits or even fitting new hats and applying makeup, these dolls could be made up to take a walk to the park or have a nice night on the town. Dress Up Pony Girl throws hints of My Little Pony, Anime and Barbie and throws a dash of mobile technology to bring the concept of Dress-Up to the iPhone and iPad.

The Fitting Room

Dress Up Pony Girl Cosplay gives you two characters to start with a total of eight overall. The others have to be unlocked. These two characters come with a stock outfit. Once your character is chosen, you can change her boots. There are over a dozen to choose from. Simply tapping boots on the top of the screen changes them. From there, blouses can be changed as well as pants. There are over a dozen pants, dresses and skirts to choose from. You can even change hats. Bonnets, Wizard hats and Baseball hats are all available.

Once you are comfortable with the outfit you put together, you can move on to accessories. Hairstyles can be changed. Blonde, Pink and multicolored hairstyles are all available. You can even add accessories such as bracelets, bangles and necklaces. No outfit is complete without a nice bag. There are bags of different sizes and types available. You can make your character hold everything from a small clutch to an oversized bag.


Dress Up Pony Girl Cosplay will get a lot of mileage from young girls who have access to an iOS device. While quite a few clothes and accessories are locked and require purchase, it isn’t unlike a scenario where you buy your child a doll and they see some accessories on TV that require a trip back to the local toy store. The included characters and items are enough to keep your child busy for a long while.