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DeliTen Manager Android App Review


Jun 2nd 2024 at 06:15pm by Queens King May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s This?)

The Queens King

The Queens King is a freelance tech writer and enthusiast

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Plethora of features
  • Real time order management
  • Easy to set up items & categories
  • Thorough customer relations tools
  • Quick ad campaign setup
  • Giant menu display capabilities
  • Tutorial would be a great addition

Part of running a business successfully requires a great vision, top-notch talent, excellent customer service, a loyal client base, trusted partners and cutting edge tools to communicate bolster efficiency. There are tons of legacy software suits that have huge followings that can help run various aspects of a business, but is there a do-it-all tool that can let you manage everything in one place? DeliTen is a newcomer that promises to do just that with a comprehensive set of business tools that can help your small business thrive and scale.

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DeliTen Manager is the mangement companion to the popular DeliTen Food & More app. Currently most popular in Europe, the app is expanding to other markets. DeliTen works like Seamless and similar apps where you can browse restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses in your area and order items. You can search for venues by Cuisine Type or location relative to you, or you can search for specific items. Feeling like you want Italian? Open up the app and browse. There is a large number of participating businesses, so you have lots of choice. To get on the DeliTen app however, you need the DeliTen Manager app which will be the focus of this overview.

Registration is required and there is a trial period, so keep that in mind. Once you register with email address and phone number, you'll be brought to the main menu which features your sole business or multiple if you wish to manage more than one. Setting up your business is straight-forward. You enter in your business information, location, business type, business category, owner's first and last name, phone number, about blurb and you're ready to go. You'll be recommended a "suitable package" to get you up and running and from there you can participate.


DeliTen Manager | Business Overview | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps DeliTen Manager | Business List | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps

DeliTen lets you manage multiple businesses. 



Once your businesses appears, you may tap on one of them to manage. Each business you operate through the app will appear as tiles on the main page. When you enter the one you wish to manage, another menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. We'll call this the, "Individual Business Page". Near the top, you will see your business name and a photo of your business. In the middle you will see various aspects of your business which you can further manage. The bottom menu includes the (1) Home Page (the page we're talking about now), (2) the Dashboard, (3) Item information and performance page,(4) order and revenue status and (5) SMS management. 


Individual Business Page

On the individual business page, you can manage various aspects of your business. Present here are the business overview, menu, availability, special offers, order status and review. The overview page will show you in tiles pending orders, new orders, ongoing orders and completed orders. You get a nice graph which shows activitiy over the week, month, year and overall. Clicking on any of the aformentioend will show you relevant data. The Menu tile shows you each menu item complete with price, preparation time and overall star rating. Menu items are editable. Editing an item lets you set the title, details, price, category, prep time, search tags and item image. 

Availability shows you an item's status as available or unavailable. Statuses of course can be edited. Special offers lets you manage its namesake. Order status and reviews show you what their title implies.


DeliTen Manager | Dashboard | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps DeliTen Manager | Business Overview | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps


The Dashboard is the centrai hub of the app 


The Dashboard

This page is the central hub of your business within the app. Here you can enable certain features such as "Chat" to chat with customers. There is "Onsite Service", "Orders", "Drive Through", Pickup", and Menu Link. You can also navigate to editing your profile, managing your image gallery so users can get visuals of your establishment, set your location, set up a Gallery Presentation to share gallery images on large screens like projectors and TVs (along with a system check for image optimization) and menu sharing. (more on the power of the dashboard later in this article).


DeliTen Manager | Tracking | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps DeliTen Manager | Item Overview | Android | App Review | GiveMeApps

You can track orders, item availabilities and offers in real time


Tracking At A Glance

The "Item Availability" page lets you view the number of available and unavailable items at a glance, track item and category performance as well as add and edit both. Here you can see star ratings for each item at a glance and scroll through all of what your business has to offer customers.


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The "Overview/Revenue Status" page lets you see the number of new, ongoing and completed orders while showing the amount of revenue amassed for the day, week and year. Finally, the Chats page lets you view chats between you and customers. 

Reach (Dashboard Continued)

The most powerful aspect Deliten is the reach allowed with SMS based advertising. You can accrue message credits either monthly as "gifts" from DeliTen or purchase them outright. You can use these credits to advertise your business on the DeliTen network. There is also a "Loyalty Program" where you can offer gifts and benefits to your customers. You can allow them to earn credits with each purchase which can be used toward a future purchase. You can provide Delivery Services. The app allows you to manage deliveries. You can display ingredients and markings for each item to gain customer trust. You can setup custom DeliTem URLs so customers can easily find you. You can send customers custom notifications. You can setup business banners which get advertised through the app.


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Overwhelmed yet? In a good way I bet! Yes, as we mentioned in the beginning, DeliTen offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage your business. It says this in its app listing, and on that claim, it delivers heavily. There are dozens of business management applications, but none of them are DeliTen. If you are a business and want even more reach, the DeliTen network is expanding fast and you should be a part of it! You can download the app here (iOS) and here (Android)


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