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Challenging 4096 Puzzle iPhone/iPad App Review


Jun 14th 2015 at 12:06pm by GiveMeApps

Challenging 4096 Puzzle

True gamers are always up for a challenge and get over even the biggest hits pretty quickly. Whether it be retro classics or even the most recent of mobile hits, there is this thirst to get your hands on something new. 2048 was one of those recent classics which involved pure math and a willingness to get to a goal as quick as possible. Challenging 4096 Puzzle picks up where 2048 left off and gives you a new way to travel down the old path.

A New Day

The premise of Challenging 4096 Puzzle is simple. Your job is to get to 4096 as quickly as you can. In this foray, you have are presented a bunch of blocks with different numbers on them. You have to combine like numbers to get closer your 4096 goal. Typically, low numbers enter the board, but those numbers when combined add up quickly. From there, you will be given higher numbered blocks every now and then. You will get excited when you see numbers as high as 64 and 128. Different numbers exist on different color blocks. You can swipe up, down, left and right to combine numbers. Occasionally, like numbers may appear on opposite sides of the board, so it is your job to swipe blocks around so you can combine those numbers.


In addition to the standard game play, Challenging 4096 Puzzle lets you tinker with some settings to increase the complexity of the game. You can play around with probability, how often blocks will appear and even change the end goal of the game. While the game doesn’t come standard with background music, you won’t miss it. Challenging 4096 Puzzle is all about the challenge, and a challenge you will get.