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Casino Jack iPhone/iPad App Review


Dec 29th 2013 at 12:41pm by GiveMeApps

Go ahead and say it. No more Casino slots games! The typical Casino Slot and Blackjack game has saturated the market. Trying to replicate that Vegas experience, it gets tiresome and old pretty fast. Casino Jack from Virtual Jungle is anything but that. Rather trying your luck on a slot machine, how about robbing the casinos blind and doing so without getting caught? Well, there is Casino Jack in a nutshell. This is all about adrenaline, the thrill and the rush!

Ready, Set, Go

The startup screen for Casino Jack gives you plenty of options to heighten your experience. The left side has share icons for social media, while the right gives you access to a store, audio settings and inventory information. Clicking on the play icon for the first time or for each game reset gives you a quick tutorial on how to play.

The premise and mentioned earlier is robbing the casinos blind and getting out on time without getting caught. Each level brings one or more pit bosses who attempt to catch you and thwart your robbery attempt. The first level is relatively easy with one pit boss. The second gives you two, and more come in with subsequent levels making your job that much harder. To complete a level, you must capture every coin present. This means avoiding getting caught, running around tables, hiding behind slot machines and coming up with strategies to outrun as many pit bosses as you see on the screen. You will keep your eyes on the screen at all times!

Strategies and Upgrades

One cool point with the game is the ability to draw a path to where you want to go. If your character is on the left of the screen, you can place your finger elsewhere on the screen which will lead the character to that point. You will see a blue light extend out to where your finger is. This is useful of course when viewing where the pit bosses are as you can avoid them better. Keep in mind that when more pit bosses appear, they can operate independently or as a unit appearing in different areas, together, or in front of and behind you.

As with many games, there are upgrade options that can help advance you more quickly. Invisible suits, bombs and dynamite can be purchased to further distract the pit bosses. You can either spend of your collected coins or purchase more coins from the store. No surprises there, but if you want to advance more quickly, there is your way!


Casino Jack gets the nod from us. The game play is refreshing and we like that this is not your typical casino game. We did the pre-review on a train ride that normally takes forever, but this made it go by quickly. We were lost in the game and then voila, it was time to get off. A free install, lots of fun and unique which are all of the necessary ingredients for an instant classic.