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Cal Pow Dash Android App Review


Apr 18th 2014 at 03:58pm by GiveMeApps

If you take any video game concept and put it in a medieval setting, you’ll get takers. Add a Princess to the mix, you’ll get more takers. Make it an endless runner and you will see many hands raised in excitement! Cal Pow Dash takes a cute anime looking character, puts him in Medieval gear and has him run on a long stone road with the objective of saving the fair princess from the evil King Cole and avoiding obstacles along the way.

How Long Can You Run?

The main idea behind Cal Pow Dash is racking up coins and avoiding obstacles. Hurdles include Dragons, Knights yielding swords, Castle gates, wooden boxes and low bridges. An optional tutorial will teach you the rules of the game before exposing you to the wild. Simple swipes to the side, up or down will help you avoid pitfalls. Hitting any obstacle will cause you to start from scratch.

As with most runners, as you advance, the pace picks up, so you will need to make sure you are ready to swipe at the drop of a dime If need be. Power ups are available. The Magnet will let you grab coins just about anywhere without having to actually touch them. A shield will protect you from the bad guys. Yogi Flight will let you fly through boards at lightning speed. Each these power ups expire within a small amount of time. Power ups can either be acquired, or purchased via the main menu. You’ll give up coins if you decide to go with the latter.

In Practice

We loved the gameplay and background music in Cal Pow Dash. The music is modern, the game play is typical but fun and very well explained. Likewise, we really enjoyed the 3D graphics and mediaeval theme. We have nothing negative to say about this app. We recommend splurging for the .99 ad removal option to get rid of pesky ads that pop up during breaks in the free version, but even with the ads, the game is still very enjoyable. We say check out Cal Pow Dash. You won’t be disappointed.