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Bus Stop Live Wallpaper Android App Review


Sep 10th 2012 at 01:49am by GiveMeApps

Personalization of your electronic devices go all the way back to the microcomputer craze of the late 80s and the emergence of the Modern PCs and Macs in the late 90s. Everyone rushed out to download the latest wallpaper or specialized software to skin their PC shell, namely Windows or Mac OS. Stardock software comes to mind. Fast forward to today's Mobile Device craze. Not only does everyone want to have the best collection of apps that suits them, but they also want to skin their mobile devices! The guys over at Happy Hippo has that covered with their Bus Stop Live Wallpaper app. Not only do you get a cool dynamic wallpaper, but there are other goodies under the hood.

Show Off Your Android Device

The start up screen is straight forward. You are presented with a selection of different wallpaper that can be applied to your smartphone or tablet. While the main piece is the Bus Stop Live Wallpaper, you are given others. A selection is always welcome! One by one, the selection includes the following:

  • Bus Stop Live Wallpaper - Bearing the app's name. You have a bunch of people waiting for a bus! Clouds move, eyes blink, people check thier pockets for change and even move a bit!
  • Settings which let you customize whether or not you receive SMS notifications, Missed Calls and Gmail notifiations
  • Day & Night - Have your characters wait for the bus during the daytime or at night! The graphics are awesome and this options raises the cool factor of this wallpaper. 
The app icon brings up the list of wallpapers that already exist on your device. This is awesome as you can get straight to this area of your phone without too many screen taps. 
We rate this app a 4 1/2 out of 5. We like a lot. It's straightforward. All you're getting here is a fabulous wallpaper that can breathe some life into your device's tyipcally boring stock screen display. You can further customize your phone and make it even more personal. We sure hope that Happy Hippo releases more wallpapers and makes them accessible in this app. The app is free, so you can't beat that!