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Bumpy Rider iPhone/iPad App Review


Sep 14th 2015 at 03:38pm by GiveMeApps

What's old is new again as game developers aim to recreate the 8 bit heyday of the 1980s with retro themed 8 bit graphic with bleep and bloop SID ‐like music. The folks at Fresh Apps LLC have released such a treat that takes the sensibility of Super Mario Bros and Metroids and have given it a bikers theme. Played over several levels and as challenging as any retro classic, Bumpy Rider makes you put your pedal to the metal.

Ready, Set, Go!

Gameplay in Bumpy Rider is straight forward. Here you are a biker who has to jump from platform to platform. Some platforms are close together while others are far apart. Some are lengthy, some span only one block cube. Failing to make jumps from platforms forces you to the floor below causing you to die. The background music hints at the original Nintendo and Commodore 64 glory days. Graphic wise, you get splashes of blue, red, green and yellow which reminds us of the 16 color limit most systems had during that era.


Believe it or not, Bumpy Ride is a challenge. We failed to score anything beyond 40 in the beginning, but got better with repetition. Modern options such as choosing different characters and bikes are available through in app purchases. The game takes you back where simple graphics and sound were all we had and our imaginations were left to run wild. With straightforward and challenging gameplay, Bumpy Rider will keep you busy for quite some time.