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Bit Amulet iPhone/iPad App Review


Jun 28th 2014 at 04:03am by GiveMeApps

Many of us lead awesome, productive and interesting lives filled with love, cherishable moments and success. As much as we may believe that sharing our precious moments on social media would be met with support and well wishes, not everyone on your list of friends has encouragement in mind.   What if there was a way to protect your photos from the evil eye, feelings of jealousy or resentment? Bit Amulet for iOS seeks to protect your online photos by way of affixing a digital charm to ward off not so kosher thoughts.

What Is A Bit Amulet

According to the developer, a BitAmulet is a digital charm created by assessing the heliocentric plane with earth’s orbit defining the orbital xy planes. By coupling this information with the birth date, latitude and longitude of you, the user/observer, unique digital charms in the shape of a coin are generated at that moment just for you.

How To Use It

When you fire up the free install, the startup screen contains four choices. “Create BitAmulet” lets you create BitAmulets from scratch. “BitAmulet Gallery” allows you to peer through dozens of predesigned bitamulets (Free BitAmulets), view the BitAmulet Museum or even the Market. “My BitAmulets” lets you check out the BitAmulets you designed yourself. All of your designs stay on record.

Some of the BitAmulets in the gallery include “Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man”, “Jackal’s Horn”, “The Sun”, “Gold Agimat” and “Bull”. The Museum set gives BitAmulets with dates and descriptions commemorating historic events. One such includes “Napoleon’s First Victory. December 18, 1973 at Toulon, France”.

Creating A BitAmulet

Creating BitAmulets is simple. After clicking “Create BitAmulet” on the start screen, you will then be prompted to add your name and date of birth. Following this, you enter your location, country and city. The app does some calculating and then creates your BitAmulet. Each costs 99 cents, which the developer touts as costing less than jewelry. Once this is done, you can affix the bit amulet to photos in your Camera Roll, or just take pictures with the app and then paste in the BitAmulet.

From there, you can upload your photos by sharing them to social media, or even gift your BitAmulet to a friend! As a “warning”, it is stressed that BitAmulets work best when used at the exact time and place where the photo was taken.


We can see BitAmulets becoming the new “cool trend”. With a thorough explanation, an easy to use interface, unique charms generated each time, along with gifting capability, the app has the potential to catch on and be the topic of many a conversation.