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GiveMeApps Reviews

Bird vs Brick Android App Review


Dec 5th 2018 at 01:44am by Harold Everton

Harold Everton

Harold Everton, MBA MS ED is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who runs several websites. He is also an educator, professional recording artist and commercial actor. Follow him on Twitter.

GiveMeApps Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Extremely challenging
  • Takes the original flappy concept to a whole other level making for a truly unique game
  • A tutorial or draft level should be included to help users understand game play much faster

A couple of years ago we reviewed a myriad of Flappy Bird clones all which duplicated the original game play exactly with minor adjustments such as a scenery change. This made for a lot of sighs, mainly out of indifference and boredom. How many times has the dead horse been beaten? TD Indie is working with a bigger stick, this time taking the Flappy Concept in a new and more exciting direction.


Flappy Broken

In Bird vs Brick, instead of just endlessly flapping, you have have to collect balls along the way. Balls have their own scores indicated above them. Racking them up adds their score to yours. You start out with zero and if you have control over your movement (which took us a while to gain), you boost your score in no time! Yes you have to watch out for flying above or falling to the ground. Do this and it's game over. 


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This time around, you're actually supposed to hit "obstacles". These obstacles aren't pipes or sharp pointy cave rocks, but as the title reveals, bricks. These bricks all have numbers assigned. Remember the scores you picked up from collecting balls?


Android App Review: Bird vs Brick | GiveMeApps Android App Review: Bird vs Brick | GiveMeApps

How far you get depends on your patience, concentration and ability to maneuver! 


Be very choosy about which brick you collide (and you will need to collide to move forward). Whichever number you hit will subtract from your score! Ended up with a score of 10? Hit a brick with the number 10 and it's game over! Hit a brick with 5 and you're down to five. Make sense? Be wary!


The Challenge

And so this is what makes Bird vs Brick so challenging. Not only do you have to worry about flying off the screen. Collecting balls is a must to up your score. Since you have to collide with bricks, you have to be very aware of your score and maneuver to collide with bricks which have the lowest number possible.


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Think that's it? It gets better! You have to reach a certain score in order to clear a level. The first level requires a score of 100. In our video, we made about a dozen attempts and made it up to 58. Off camera, we managed to get to 89. This game isn't for the weak-minded! Addictive it is, but be ready for a challenge, because this isn't anything but that!


It Is Fun!

I cannot tell you how mindless and uninspiring the majority of the flappy clones have become, but Bird vs Brick is the complete opposite. The game play is unique and by combining the underlying concept of multiple proven games, it gives the user a lot to concentrate on.


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The frustration you may get from this game will keep your device in your hands which is a good thing and what seasoned mobile gamers will absolutely want. Is this worth the download? You betchya! 


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