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Apple Refunds $6000 To Dad


Jul 21st 2013 at 07:01am by GiveMeApps May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s This?)

A U.K. dad who goes by the name Neale, is considering himself more lucky than unlucky after his Daughter racked up close to $6,000 on in app purchases via various iPad games. Apple first refused to refund the huge bill stating that all purchases are final. However, the change of heart by the company prompted the relived father to say Apple's final decision to refund his money, "saved his bacon".

His eight year old daughter Lily apparently entered the password she saw her dad put in dozens of times when making purchases on his tablet. In-app purchases typically unlock certain features, and in the case of games, gives the player lucrative bonuses and upgrades. The culprits in this case were the games, My Horse, Campus Life and Injustice, 

Apple initially closed the case quickly ignoring the appeal, but then decided to issue Neale a refund. He pointed out that in-app purchases "are terrible and many people are unaware". He explained how in-app purchases worked plenty of times to his daughter, but apparently she didn't listen to any of his warnings. It was when Neale went away on business that Lily racked up the offending charges. Despite a few warning emails from Apple, Neale was unaware of the transactions until his account was frozen when returning from his trip.

There is a setting on all iOS devices that disables In-App purchases. Perhaps from now on, a relived Neale will be sure to double check that setting before handing over his iPad to his tiny tot. 

Kids going spending happy online is not a new phenomenon. In 2011, a seven year old London boy purchased a fighter jet on eBay for $113, 515 to which his dad intervened quickly and helped to thwart the transaction.