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AppCow Android App Review


Nov 24th 2014 at 08:54pm by GiveMeApps

Since the opening of the first mobile application store in the2008, literally millions of apps have been developed for the many different mobile platforms available. Way beyond the comparatively smaller collection displayed in geeky magazines that touted software during the Personal Computer era during the 80s and 90s, the now humongous selection present today means sorting through anything but the top rated apps can be a herculean task. Thankfully, there are a few entities looking to make that task a bit easier. AppCow not only lets you discover new free apps, but also lets you in on some deals that will make finding apps worth the treasure hunt.

Holy Cow

Signing up is as simple as entering a membership code and your email. Once that is taken care of, you become a part of the app hub and can get to work right away downloading apps. Your profile page will show you the number of credits you have, how many apps you have redeemed and there is an option to browse deals. The top of the display has tabs that allow you to navigate between your profile (Profile), the selection of free apps (Free Apps) and current deals (Deals). It should be pointed out that all apps are free. The number of apps available is staggering. Apps descriptions are displayed as tiles with a main graphic for the app along with a short text description. Most of them are games. By scrolling through the app selection, you can find what you want to download and simply click install as you would in any other app hub. This takes you away from the app and directs you to where you the file is to install.

Deals and Steals

The best thing about AppCow is the deals section. Here you can get apps that would otherwise be available in its stock form. That is, you can download packages. Some games for example will come with extras that could only be had through playing and racking up achievements. Garfield’s Pet Hospital for example gives you 100 game points. In some cases, deals like the ones just mentioned would require you to take advantage of in-app purchases. Purchases are done in App Cow are done via using virtual currency known as credits. Your AppCow membership card gets you started off with a few.


The interface for AppCow is straight forward and easy to use. You get a nice selection, pretty cool deals and most importantly, games were not the only included category. We came across a CBS app that allows you to watch full episodes of your favorite CBS shows for free! Pretty cool. AppCow has a pretty good included selection and we think its worth will go up when more developers jump on the bandwagon. If you’re into free apps, discovering new apps without filtering through the billions available on the commercials sites and if you want deals to get a leg up on the rest of the gaming crowd, then AppCow deserves a look. You can get in on the fun yourself by signing up with Membership Code starting you off with 100 credits! - E59632873