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Anonygo Android App Review


Aug 22nd 2015 at 01:44pm by GiveMeApps

The moment AOL Instant Messenger hit personal computers in the mid-1990s, communication changed forever. No longer did we have to pick up a phone or beep someone to contact them, but we could send messages and forget about them, making conversations more convenient and on our time. Then the Social Media juggernauts followed. 2003 brought MySpace and Facebook followed a year later. Nowadays, there is no escaping the Social Media landscape. However, along with that went our Privacy. Many of us are quick to press “Agree” when it comes to reading those lengthy Terms Of Service agreements where these sites literally own whatever we post. Anonygo for iOS and Android looks to change all of this.


Anonygo is a new social network that does not require you to sign up or sign in, ever! Primarily picture driven, the app uses the location capability of your phone to detect where you are. You can take photos with the front or rear facing camera of your device, post a picture and then leave a caption describing the picture. These pics end up in a newsfeed which can be filtered by the following parameters – Local, National and International. Other people looking at the newsfeed can comment on those pictures, upvote them, downvote them and even favorite them for later recall. You can calibrate the app to update your current location. Your position is pinned on a map.

We immediately liked how many users the app had. Though we used it in New York City and expected to see a lot of users, we were more thrilled that we were able to find other users locally. We were at the outskirts of the city in Queens at the time and found dozens of pics posted by users in the area with tons of comments on them.


Anonygo is another tool in the Social Media arsenal. Since no sign in required and you’re virtually anonymous, it provides another way to find new friends and to discover new things. It will take some creativity to use the app as a marketing tool, however the photo editing capabilities built into the app may yield some eye catching click bait photos if used accordingly which may be a plus for brands. The app is easy to use and figure out, navigating is simple and the interface is nicely designed. If you are looking for a new way to make friends and discover new things, Anonygo deserves a look.