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Amazon Discount Helper Android App Review


Jun 24th 2012 at 05:08pm by Amit Biswas

Amit Biswas

When not spending money on gadgets, Amit Biswas is a freelance writer and a tech enthusiast. Follow him on his Instagram or Blogspot

As human beings we all have myriad characteristics that set us apart from each other. But no matter who you are, I am absolutely certain that you love discounts. Not just discounts in a random store or website, I am talking about discounts for the largest retailer, who we have all have come to love and cherish, Amazon. The app I am going to talk about today is called Amazon Discount Helper. I think you can guess what this app can do just from the title; it helps you find greatly discounted items and enflames your shopping hunger to a much greater degree.


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I am going to spoil this review early on and tell you that after using this app to find my first deal I am already hooked. Let's get into the interface and find out how to use this awesome app.



Navigating the interface is extremely easy. After selecting the country, you have to choose a department and a keyword for what you are looking for. In the screenshot above I searched for an android phone in the Cell Phone department. I left everything else untouched after setting the discount amount, which in my case is 31% and above.


Android App Review: Amazon Discount Helper | GiveMeApps

Amazon Discount Helper Helps You To Find Exactly What You Want


And behold, the second item on this list is a prepaid smartphone for T-Mobile discounted at 24% directly from Amazon and even more from third party sellers. It is a great phone equivalent to Galaxy S1 for a great price. You can easily add items to cart and checkout by just logging into your Amazon account. Now this app functions like a browser and uses the Amazon mobile website to display the items and helps you buy them. The only fault I see in this app is that the selection menu needs to be bigger because if you have a phone with a big and high resolution display they will look tiny. Other than that I cannot recommend this application enough.


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Don't just take my word for it. This app has absolute perfect review on Google Play Store and just like everyone is loving this app and finding hidden deals in Amazon very easily. Oh! Forgot to mention, this app costs absolutely nothing! I simply do not have anything else to say other than to hit up the Play Store and download this app.


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