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Alarm Clock, Stopwatch & Timer Android App Review


Nov 18th 2014 at 12:01am by GiveMeApps

There is always a way to make something tried and true better, in this case way better. We have used mechanisms to aid in our awakening since the beginning of time. Probably starting with the rooster and the sounds of animals reacting to the sunrise day after day, sun dials indicating certain times of day, eventually spring and cog driven alarm clocks all the way to the digital alarm clocks that line store shelves today. Well, like many other items that once were available only as standalone items, this too has made its way to the smartphone. Millennium Apps has released  an app that appears to be the mother of all alarm clocks.  Not only does this app allow you to have as many alarm clocks for as many purposes as you’d like, but it includes stop watches, widgets, timers and even features to help you customize its look. Try and have you Swiss army knife standalone clock do that!

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Alarm Clock, Stopwatch & Timer packs an insane punch for free. When you fire up the app, immediately an in depth tip prompt window pops up showing you how to get the most out of the app. You also have access to the User Guide from here and to their support team via email. Once you leave this window, you are taken to the app’s main page. Here you can delete or add alarms, toggle them on and off, as well as check out recommended apps from the developer. You can remove the adds which show up underneath the alarms by opting for the pro-version. Three icons on the top of the screen allow you to access parameters (more on that later), while the right most icon lets you speak alarms using Google Voice. This works excellently!  We were able to set alarms using our voice with almost 100% accuracy. You can also go to default settings, check out the User’s Guide, set up advanced widget settings, rate the app and share.

Clicking on an alarm lets you set up the alarm. You can dictate the alarm time as mentioned earlier, give it a label. You set alarms up for Working Days, Whole Weeks or just the Weekends. You can have alarms repeat on specific days, set the alarm type (ringtone), set the ringtone used, change the ringtone volume, how long the alarm last, how often it repeats, and how to stop it. This is the absolute best part. Alarm Clock, Stopwatch and Timer will let you decide how you want to stop the alarm. This could be done with a regular snooze button, by solving a math problem or even by entering a CAPTCHA code. The idea is you want to be mad at your alarm clock. This app will wake you up! You can also test the alarm out without committing to it!


We haven’t even gotten to the included stopwatches and timers, which are pretty standard flair, but are a nice addition to the app. You can even customize widgets, the colors used in the app. You can change the color of the text, buttons and more. This really is like a mother of alarm clocks. You can truly use your phone and throw out your traditional alarm clock. The inclusion of Google Voice makes it more useable and sets it apart from competitive apps. Even if you don’t opt for the pro version, the amount of features in the free version should keep you satisfied for a long time. However, if seeing apps is not your thing or you believe in supporting your hard working developers, the pro version is not a bad choice at all.